COVID-19 Testing

We offer the following COVID-19 tests at our office:

  1. COVID-19 PCR test – This is the most accurate test today to detect current infection. Our PCR tests are done through Labcorp and results return in 2-5 days. Samples are collected through nasal swab. Results are checked daily and we personally call you about results as soon as they come in.
  2. COVID-19 rapid antigen test – For those who would like immediate results, we offer a rapid test, done in-house. Get results within 15 minutes of the test. Samples are collected through nasal swab. Note: Although you get an answer quickly, the rapid test is not going to be as accurate as the PCR test. The rapid test is known to sometimes produce false negative results (meaning the test shows “negative” even though you really have the disease).
  3. COVID-19 blood antibody test – The antibody blood test does not check for current infection but can tell you if you have had COVID-19 in the past.

Tests are done through appointment only. Please call (478) 471-0273 to schedule a test. Our nasal swab tests can be done “drive-through.” Please drive to the back of the building where we have a blue sign for “COVID Testing.” Call when you arrive and we will swab you from your car.