New Patient Registration Process

Being a small office with a high demand of new patient requests, we have a system for registering new patients into our practice. We dedicate two time slots per business day for new patients (1 new pediatric, 1 new adult). We open up our registration for new patients every 3 months, and we schedule new patient appointments at least one month in advance. Once we fill all of our new patient spots for the next three months, we close registration again until 3 months later. Since we book up quickly, we advise people to call the beginning of the month that we open up registration. Please have your insurance information ready when booking a new patient appointment.

New Patient Registration Dates:

  • Call us starting December 1 to book new patient appointments from January 1 through March 31.
  • Call us starting March 1 to book new patient appointments from April 1 through June 31.
  • Call us starting June 1 to book new patient appointments from July 1 through September 31.
  • Call us starting September 1 to book new patient appointments from October 1 through December 31.

New Patient Forms

To save time, you can print and fill out the appropriate forms prior to your visit with us. If you are unable to print beforehand, we can provide you forms to fill out prior to being seen.

If you are a new patient, please read and fill out these forms prior to your visit.

If you previously saw or are currently seeing another doctor or specialist, please fill out a medical release form so that we can get records from them. Fill one form for each doctor:

If you or your child is getting an annual wellness health check, please complete the appropriate form prior to being seen. Select form by age: