IMPORTANT: A driver’s license or other form of government-issued identification MUST be presented prior to receiving the vaccine, in order to verify age and/or Georgia residency. Personnel of healthcare facilities, fire department, law enforcement, long term care facility, and preK-12 schools, must also provide a work ID, letterhead, or other proof of current employment. Please make sure to bring these with you to your appointment.

Vaccines are given from the comforts of your own car. On the day of your appointment, please park on the right side of our building (between our building and Auto Zone) in front of the designated orange safety cones, then give us a call at (478) 471-0273 (then press 1) to let us know you have arrived and which numbered parking spot you are at. When we come to you, please have your ID, insurance card, and proof of current employment (if applicable) ready for us. We will hand you a pre-vaccination form to fill out. Alternatively, to save time, you may also email a copy of your ID, insurance card, and completed pre-vaccination form to us at before your appointment.

After you receive your vaccine, please wait in your car for 15 minutes for observation, as recommended by CDC.